August 17, 2013

Last Adventure Thursday of Summer 2013

Though last night was the last Adventure Thursday of this summer, it certainly was nothing close to the last adventure. Next summer they will begin again, and until then and forever there will be plenty of less official ones to fill up our lives.

Because it was the last planned one for a while I wanted to make it BIG. And it was.

The gang came over to my house and we feasted on crepes and all the toppings. Then we watched a slideshow of all the pictures from all our adventures. (actually the slideshow didn't work... I was kinda embarrassed haha) Then we watched Psych. Honestly in my head I was imagining watching something way classy like Sabrina or something, but not everyone has my taste in movies. And I really do enjoy Psych as well. It was great fun, some of my favorite friends in the whole world, old and new, were there. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The crepes were yummy. Overall it was a smash, and a lovely way to end our summer.

Micah, Sarah, and Marohn

I quite like that banner.

My newest buddies.

And this isn't even all of the adventurers.

Now that it's all over for a while. I am very happy with how Adventure Thursdays came out. I learned from them, my friends and I were inspired, I grew, and we all created memories. I cannot wait until they can begin again. Next summer will be even better. But until then-- keep adventuring.