July 5, 2013

The Library in Summer

I dislike grocery shopping with the rest of my family. Okay, its out.

After doing so I was feeling a little...introverted. So I came to the library to write in the peace and quiet. Except the library isn't quite as quiet as usual, in the summertime. But I can still write. And the temptation to turn on the new song I keep listening to over and over (Let it Ride by The New Velvet featuring Caroline Glaser) is impossible to follow here. Which is good, because when I listen to it I tend to sing instead of write, and I wouldn't want to start singing in the middle of the library... oh wait, it's because I want to write something.

I had forgotten how the fourth of July smells.

Okay, I thought about it for a long time, and that's all I want to write. So I think I'll make it bigger and call it good.