July 7, 2013

My Sister Livie

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch completely bored. My best friends were both busy, I had already done all of my usual stuff, and I was tired of the book I am reading (because I'm on the verge of reading the entire series within days.) When suddenly it hit me why the heck are you just sitting here bored?! GO ON AN ADVENTURE. So I did something. I grabbed my little sister and took her to get frozen yogurt. Maybe it wasn't exactly an adventure at first, but it definitely became one as soon as the windows came down and the country music got turned up. And that is what made yesterday into something great, instead of just a day spent on the couch. That's what adventures are all about-- getting of the couch and doing something spontaneous and lovely.

Frozen yogurt flavor of the day: Coconut with all the fruit you can fit on top-- that's totally the way to go. It just tastes like summer!