July 17, 2013

Better Than a Superhero

My other best friend, Neal, taught me something the other day.

We are better than superheroes.

That is what he taught me. He says it's because superheroes often have one big fight scene, and everyone knows they will win, and then the rest of their super lives are filled with glory, the girl, and action figures. But for us normal humans, everyday has something hard in it, which means everyday we get stronger. We have multiple battles to fight, and we don't know if we'll win, but we fight anyway. We have to choose between the good side or the dark side just as much as supers do. The statement "with great power comes great responsibility" holds up for us just as much as it does for Peter Parker. So make this your Smallville and live it up.

P.S. Two posts in one day. Sorry if you care. I'm going to go draw on my white wall now.