May 15, 2013

My Infatuation

I decided to write at the library today. I forgot my ear-buds so I'll have to sit here in the silence. But that's alright, librarys are made for silence. Honestly I don't know if I could listen to music right now, even if I did have ear-buds, it seems sacrilegious to play music in a library, even if you're the only one who can hear it. Really I think the only sounds this room is made to allow is the crinkling of the librarians smile, the turning of pages, the computer keys and the occasional squeal of children in love with reading. I have said before that I am a firm believer that a person cannot be truly in love while in high school, except now that I think about it, books can give me butterflies, rip my heart out, make my day. Books make me feel, and I think I am quite in love with them. A good book will never let you down, and those are what I am on a search for today. More books I can say "belong" to me. More books I can share with my children one day, and more books I can scribble thoughts in the margin of, when I decide a book that lovey must be owned and placed on a shelf in one's home. Like I said before, a good book will never let you down. If you are wanting a good cry it will give you one. If you want to be cheered up it will give you that, too. Occasionally I find myself diving head first into a book only to find more than halfway in that it wasn't really a good book, for it lets me down in a scene. I'm not one to get too upset when a book doesn't end the way I expected, or wanted it to. But if a perfectly nice book is muddied up with some less than lovely scene, I find myself getting quite annoyed. That happened when I read The Fault in Our Stars. That book has so many great lines! Plus one dumb scene where nothing is actually explained in detail, but it left me annoyed with the world as a whole, wherein that sort of thing is so normal, so expected. If you have read that book you hopefully know what I am referring to, if you haven't... well it's not a Pride and Prejudice or a The Christmas Carol, so you can live your entire life just fine without reading it, I promise. This library is decent. Its not quite as nice as the older, smaller one I went to constantly when I was younger. And its not as breathtakingly big as a couple of the ones close by. I wish one wasn't expected to go the library that is located in the same city as one's home, that feels so limiting, especially when I look around this library and compare it to some others I once called my own. Nevertheless, I have never driven here to find they didn't have the book I was looking for... until today. I have a whole list with me, courtesy of my friend Amber, who has impeccable taste in everything, including books. Unfortunately my library doesn't have The Princess Bride (book version, mind you) or North and South by Elizabeth Gaskill (also the book version.) I just borrowed the BBC version of North and South from my best friend Neal's family. It was really good. The main characters reminded quite a bit of Lizzy and Mr. Darcy, which obviously makes it fantastic. But my library did have a book with a very intriguing title: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I put it on my list of books to read not knowing what it is about, only that it was on Amber's list of favorite books. Now that its sitting next to me on the desk I see that is set in "London emerging from the shadow the the Second World War" which means I am about to read yet another book connected to one of the World Wars, after All Quiet on the Western Front, The Book Thief, AND Milkweed. If you don't like crying when you read books, don't read all those so close together. They are all wonderful books though.

Boy, I need to write in the library more often, the words just keep coming! But I really do want to start all these books now.

Note: Today my writing is very much a stream of consciousness, I didn't take anything out, I just wrote. Also, I apologize for how often I say things like "one simply cannot..." or "I wish one wasn't expected..." I got into that habit after reading Understood Betsy when I was younger...