April 23, 2013

Field Trip #1- The Temple Grounds

My mom just finished reading Love, Stargirl, the Sequel to a previously very often mentioned favorite book of mine. In the book the main character, Stargirl (duh) homeschools, and her mom randomly sends her on field trips, telling Stargirl she isn't allowed to come home until she has written a poem about what she noticed during her field trip. My mom has starting doing the same thing to my sister and I. Just like in the book, she will give us secret slips of paper with our destination and instructions written on it, and then us sends off. We can't come back until we've written about it, whether that takes 10 minutes or 10 hours.

Today our field trip destination was the Temple grounds. Here are some snippets from what I wrote:

My friend Shelby says her favorite sounds are laughter and peace. Peace, as in the sound in the Temple. I agree, those are my favorite sounds.

When my family was in St. George over spring break we visited the Temple down there. There was a big, extended family taking pictures on the grounds. That's sure a smart way to get a good picture-- put everyone in a place where they can't help but smile.

The nice, old man we just talked to said that if you wear a pirate patch while you draw, you can sketch the Temple perfectly. Something about making it 2D for your one showing eye... I'll have to try that sometime.