May 1, 2014

all the broken hearts in the world still beat

Thoughts on concerts:

Concerts make me feels so alive.

I think it's because they give my tired heart a break.
The beat pumps away for it, and for a few hours my heart 
can sit back
and let the drums do the work.

I like the smell of concerts,
and the way Hayley enjoys them as much as I do.

And even though all I've got is iPhone photos,
I'm better at remembering concerts than other things,
maybe because I'm not remembering notes and words,
I'm memorizing souls,
so pictures aren't so important.


You put on lovely concerts. The best I've ever been to actually, and I've fangirled over One Direction and stood in the place where Imagine Dragons were discovered and wondered if the band five feet away from me was going to be the next big thing. And I've met people and gotten autographs, but yours was the best. And maybe it's because one of your songs changed me once, and sounded like my memories, and felt like my nervous hands, and because I know if they ever make a movie about my life, Sort Of is going at the part when they tell my ninth grade story. Because in the end that's what changed the end of that story, I found out that my love was way too big for him, and even though he had the sort of eyes that ripped me apart, I stopped thinking that maybe if I was stronger I would leave that show. Because it was like a movie with bad ratings because nobody liked it, and it had been on replay for way too long. And I kept watching it thinking the ended was going to change. And you've probably heard your lyrics repeated back to you before, but I'll join in. Because when I listened to that song later on it fit like my worn out converse sneakers and I've kept the lyrics in my heart ever since. So thank you for adding to the piles and piles of words and tunes and images that I keep in my brain and that make me the person I am. You even have your own pile.

All my love,