April 6, 2014

the first form of poetry I ever learned

Yes, I love pizza.
And Miss Ariel Van Dyke.
I love her way more.

She didn't make it.
And yet Savanna still smiles.
Despite that bad call.

Riley makes me laugh.
But she doesn't know Baseball.
And that's fine by me.

We talked life choices,
Over smoothies made by Liz.
Thanks for that Addie.

I got mango bliss
in a cup made with such love.
Liz makes great smoothies.

I love Hayley's laugh.
And capturing that moment.
Windbreakers are life.

Kasey's jokes are prime.
But her giggle is really
what always gets me.

Forever classy.
That's what I noticed at first
about you Amber.

Alyssa sounds great
but look at what you can see-
the light in her eyes.

She was number one.
First friend, first secret knower.
Reg, you are still first.

I love her nickname.
Loveliest in all the land.
Either that or Mo.

Paige's clothes are perf.
And so is the rest of her.
She speaks and thinks deep.

Courtney is a joy.
She should be a real princess,
with Disney Status.

Holly is so sweet.
Being with her makes me smile,
so much my cheeks hurt.

I laugh the most when
Hailey Heath is around us.
We say we're cousins.

I have to stop now.
There are too many people
my heart could write to.