April 20, 2014

hey homie

Oh maybe I should post the things I write to post, ha, here:

I'm home, finally, luckily, and that calls for a celebration in the form of a list:

What should I put in front of the list items this time? I'm in the mood for something new...

Hashtags, I choose hashtags.

#when my mom refers to hashtags as a pound key lolololol
#now I will let A Rocket to the Moon fill my ears as I down pretzels like they're drugs
#everyday all I think is I just want Ariel to get on the twitter
#yesterday I took a trip down memory lane and read my old blog HA
#actually it's not all that different from this newer blog... is that good or bad?
#actually I was more inspiring on that one... but this one has more pictures...
#I am one shade darker than I was before I went to California praises
#but not dark enough to use the second lightest foundation *cries in corner*
#so because you are not all on the twitter I will say it again- who wants to get ready for prom with me aka sing the HSM3 prom song with me???
#I think I have a crush on Peter Pan
#someone, I think Hayley (mostly cuz I hope it was Hayley) made Patrick a twitter account and I laughed harder than I have in so long
#I found out people miss me when I go away and all I can say right now is "gosh thanks so so much"
#sorry JT but forget rivers, sometimes I cry you oceans
#the other day I posted my second all time favorite set of pictures I've ever taken, second only to these ones
#I'm speaking in stake conference. wut AHH
#I think my Kindred Spirits pinterest board is my favorite because people. People.
#speaking of people, one of my favorites turned 17 last week so S/O to Amber
#my back gets tired of my back pack a lot, but a lot of people carry around far heavier things, on their heads
#I used to hate round windows but now I am thinking they are quite the things
#short hair + a fancy dance = uhhh
#I decided a person should never go to the beach just because they feel guilty about being so close
#I walked in to my bedroom and realized I had been missing my plants...
#all I know is on Friday at school, the easter bunny stared at our class through the door's window for like 5 minutes and I have never been so creeped out by a bunny until now
#the pretzels are gone so peace out