March 1, 2014

I did handstands in your honor

My ACT prep course teacher said that the best way to improve your reading score is to read. So I'm assuming that writing this blog post will improve my writing score and therefore counts as studying.

Too bad those are the two scores I don't need to improve.

My blonde locks are now lighter and the sky is now darker and my mood doesn't know which it wants to be like, my hair or the sky.

My haircut is very stylish, very trendy, very easy to envy, but not me. I'm currently running a search engine on my soul to find anything that matches the new hair on my head, and there are a few results, but anything that really fits is on the third or fourth page and my social media teacher says that is better than nothing but still hardly counts.

I be like "my soul, my soul, my soul" and everyone else is probably like "come up with a new word to use or just stop talking."

When the sky matches my hair, then I will like it.