February 20, 2014

We live in cities you'll never see on screen

//el oh el let's try to write a blog list on my phone now
// I just want to take pictures for every Lorde lyric ever because they all shout "use me as a caption Emma!!!"
// the Lego movie is craaaaazy.
// sometimes I think you will all get sick of my lists if I write too many, but then I remember that I write for myself (wink) (who am I kidding I write for praise)
// do I write for praise? Sometimes I don't know how serious my jokes are.
// sometimes my family thinks my serious requests/ideas/comments are jokes when I am dead serious.
//flower crowns flower crowns flower crowns
// I get to see Ingrid Michaelson in concert and I am so happy
// I am starting to go back into "gotta buy new shoes!!!" mode, someone help me.
// flash mobs are my life
// Every Good Boy Does Fine. Guess who learned note names!
// when I blew out my birthday candles, I wished for... Psych I can't tell you that!
// this list reminds me of the Lego movie
// sometimes I wonder why some friends have problems and get annoyed and don't talk it out and then I pass those two in the hall and get really bugged, and I understand again.
// my friends have the best taste in music and now driving is a joy because of my adventure jams.
// I really need a second blog now so that people other than the few of you who have gotten this far can actually get something out of my posts.
// "if you are ever going to be creative you have to lose all fear of being wrong" is currently the only thing keeping me going creatively. (I might have that quote wrong, ha.)
// one day I pretended I was a hipster and went to an instameet and tried to look like I know how to use my camera, here are some pictures from that day for your viewing pleasure (or procrastination):

oops evidently I can't post then from my phone, so you can see those tomorrow.