February 24, 2014

They Call Sweaters "Jumpers"

Except I'm still really good at making him smile, and I don't know what that's supposed to mean.

I really want to Skype with my favorite German.

I could wear sandals if I painted my toes, and I'm starting to feel the energy that comes with a new season. The music just sounds better.

This isn't meant to be a list, this is meant to be a mood board and an amazing cover:


1// that face
2// I called shotgun infinity when I was twelve
3// valentines day was a good one, even without any vintage candy boxes or any candy boxes at all. Last year I got perfect German chocolate in a candy box from the aforementioned German
4// whatever things are weird
5// summer is coming, sort of, shout praises
6// too rad for sad
7// I sit in movie theaters longer than the average person. After the credits, as everyone else moves on, hurries on, I linger. Sitting in the special third space between reality and movie land, where everything is a little fuzzy and a little bit better
8// I finally have flowers in my room again, and flowers in my hair, and in my heart, and in my memories, mixed with the faces of perfect human beings
9// lol

Does a list called by any other name still look as good? ha.

Happy Monday, because Mondays should be.