February 8, 2014

She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway

A list inspired by Mo:

+ Oh yeah I have this thing called my blog that I used to post on like it was my job, but then I got bored. And frustrated with its current state of being. Mostly frustrated.
+ It turns out I have a fan club made of middle schoolers, but if they are anything like Morgan, really I am their biggest fan.
+ I am seriously thinking of having two blogs, one that looks beautiful and is sponsored by Anthropologie and is made of good pictures, outfit posts, and fairy dust. And this one, where I post hecka long lists of whatever I want and don't worry about what it looks like. That would be good for me.
+ It is impossible to keep my list items short, and to one line, which is why I never get on that thing the kids are calling The Twitter.
+ I cry every time I watch season 3 of Sherlock.
+ Oo oo that one was short^^
+ Next week I turn 17 and that doesn't feel weird, but being one year from 18 feels capital WEIRD.
+ Nothing big happens when you turn 17, except that, oh wait, its technically the last year of childhood, and everyone and their dog looks back on being 17 and writes a song about it.
+ I went to a museum on Thursday (#ThursdayAdventure) and a play today, talk about classy.
+ Sometimes when I get dressed in the morning I think "am I really gonna be that girl?" and then I think "yup" and I go to school.
+ "We were 17 and crazy, running wild, wild" is about to become my anthem, but never mind, I'm me.
+ Not gonna lie, when I write lists like this, I think WWAVDW? And then I write accordingly.
+ I cannot wait for Disney Land. I CANNOT WAIT.
+ Holiday Update: The celebrations are what make us the coolest lunch eaters at the school. Cuz we don't eat lunch, we play twister and do disney puzzles.
+ I realized my favorite part was just having a semi permanent adventure buddy, that's all I want. And sorry friends, but I would like it to be a male, ya know?
+ WWAVDW? stands for What Would Ariel Van Dyke Write?
+ Wednesday night yoga is the best thing that ever happened to me
+ Is anyone really going to read this