December 30, 2013

No Amount of Vintage Dresses Gives You Dignity

I did something scary again, and as a reward for myself I am now going to get on Pinterest, and go get Chick fil A, and eat a jar of hut fudge with a spoon.

I bought some really cool things, I'll tell you about them when they arrive. Buying things online is way too fun.


30 Seconds ago: What the hipster does eclectic even mean?

30 seconds later: Oh, that's actually a pretty cool word. And it actually describes me. Okay forgive me, overuse away, I understand now.

I don't like "cool" overused words like that, but I really don't like it when people care if it's overused. So I am stepping away.


It's writing contest season again, and I'm glad. I am thinking of entering my Laundromat story in one contest, and writing an essay for another. I would much rather work one those than on my class homework.