November 13, 2013

Fly Like a G6

The Philadelphia Airport is pretty cool. After having an authentic Philly cheese steak we discovered a wall for all of the authors from Philadelphia, and evidently it was the hometown of my favorite author, Jerry Spinelli!


 I'm so glad our airplane seats were always together. Sitting next to strangers on airplanes gives me this guilty feeling, I get stuck between wanting to keep to myself and knowing that you can learn terribly interesting things about people when you sit that close to them for hours and actually open your mouth to talk. Sitting next to my parents means I can be as quiet as I want without feeling guilty. Plus the people sitting behind us were plenty loud and interesting.

Conversation from behind:

After having gotten to know each other, the mother of four, the older woman, and the young well-dressed business man joined in on looking through their complementary travel magazines. "Oh! Let's go there!" The mother of four exclaimed, pointing, I can only imagine, to a lovely picture of Spain. "Are you two doing anything after Thanksgiving?" They all laughed. I could tell the young well-dressed business man had a beard without even sneaking a look back. There was something about his laugh that shouted "I have a beard to go with my Santa laugh!" He did. He was a spitting image of 28 year old Santa Clause. I wonder how serious mother of four was about escaping to Spain.

Airport read: How To Be Lovely by Melissa Hellstern, lessons from the life of Audrey Hepburn. Now one of my favorite books. I'm pretty sure it was written for me.