October 12, 2013

Vent Sesh

I might go crazy if I don't do this my bud Ariel style--in a list.

-My friend bat mobile broke down on Thursday. Right after I filled it entirely with gas that morning.
-I thought I might get an old freaking mustang convertible instead, but no, we are fixing up batty instead. But hey, that means I didn't waste all of that gas money. And I really do love that car.
-my best friend. old best friend. friend. person who lives down the road. my fellow human and I had a conversation entirely in hashtags today. That is the longest conversation we have had in too long.
-mmbbbmmbmeehhmam. Sorry I had to mumble that, too many people read this blog.
-my list items are so long I might as well just not make a list.
-It's a good thing I think she is a really really cool person, and I can think "I'm glad she gets a turn being so dang happy," or I might cry a lot more.
-I have a camera. I will be in Italy in exactly three weeks.
-If I was the kind of person who posts Taylor Swift lyrics on Fb, they would be getting entire songs right now.
-I am thankful for people.

Key to life right now-- putting all the happy things in bold.