September 5, 2013

The stuff that makes up my Google Docs

I'm sorry! I apologize to my pillow that keeps calling my name. And my mom that tries to usher me into bed long before this time. And my morning self that I still won't allow to push snooze. The real urges to write just come at night! And the best words come in the morning, before anything else. And not much comes when it's actually a convenient time. Oh, the ways our minds work.

I've been on an emotional high since I watched the last episode of Sherlock, until the next season comes out. It literally put me in such a state of awe that I just kinda sat on the couch for a while, and then freaked out about it to my dad, and then texted my friend to, once again, lecture him on the need to watch that show. (Morgan, feel free to remind Alex that he needs to watch Sherlock.)

I have some amazing revelations when I write my Morning Ramblings (oh, those are these things I write, they usually don't make it onto this blog, if you want to read them, just make a deep connection with me ((you don't have to be like me to do that, you just have to be a person, and make an effort)) and then just ask) but I am still debating what I want to share with you. I think some of it has the ability to be powerful, but it still includes names, and details, and parts of my human experience that I'm not sure belong on here.

Maybe that's all I needed to do. Some powerful things are in my Google docs, if you're interested let me know!

I don't know who needs them, and though there isn't a lot in there yet, words are being added almost everyday. I desperately want to share them, because so much of I write is just ramblings, or normalcy, or even adventures, and it's nice to share revelation and knowledge when I can, so maybe you can learn from my experiences.

They may make it on here in the future. They may remain for those who make more effort, in which case I believe you will most certainly get something out of those ramblings.