September 1, 2013

I Grew Into It

What I want to find in Italy:


Just the other day I was talking to my friend on the phone and I was telling him about Italy. I told him the biggest reason I am excited out of my mind for Italy is this: going to Italy has been my biggest dream for a long time, and I'm doing my part to make it happen when I'm only sixteen. And after that experience, I'll simply find a new dream to be that big, and I'll make that happen. Then I'll find another. And so on, for the rest of forever. And it's all beginning now, and I'm only in my teens-- the beginning of a whole life of fulfilling huge dreams. They say your dreams come a size too big so that you can grow into them. It took my mom thirty years to grow into this Italy dream, it took me seven. I'm off to a fantastic start.