June 9, 2013

I want to be...No. I Am.

This post was inspired by my friend Shelby.

After reading her blog post I decided to go through all of my Pinterest pictures in an attempt to learn more about myself. Or at least to make things I already knew more concrete. I just looked through everything to see what sort of things I tend to pin over and over again, because those are obviously the things that are important to me in some way. Then I made a list of what I discovered.

Things that I am and/or want to be:

1. Classy.

To me, classy people don't change who they are and how they act for other people. They act the same no matter who they are around. They are calm, and don't try to bring attention to themselves (but can't help but be noticed anyway) and they are also bold. They don't use bad or incorrect language. They do know how to have fun, but never at the expense of others. People around them find themselves wanting to act better. Classy people know who they are and hold true to that. They always say please and thank you. They don't gossip. They are humble. I picked a picture of Audrey Hepburn because she is the first thing I thought of when I started writing about class, along with pearls and long ballgowns, of course.

2. Original.

I wear tall socks and nerdy glasses, but sometimes I think that being original is really just the new trend... aka being "hipster." Hipsters are the ones who are said to do stuff before its cool, yet it seems like its considered cool to be a hipster. So sometimes I find myself doing stuff that might be considered weird, yet I wonder if I am doing it because I just want to fit in with a certain group. And as far as being original goes, I don't know if I really do anything that hasn't already been pinned by tons of people on Pinterest. Okay, I used to worry about that sort of stuff, now I know that I really am unique.  And even if tons of people pin stuff like that on Pinterest, not nearly that many are actually brave enough to actually wear it or do it. Even if I'm not the one coming up with all of it, I still do brave things. If you put all of me together, I am a very original person. And at least I know the words I write are always original.

3. Adventurous.

I have a desire to turn everything I do into an adventure. I adore bucket lists because they do just that, they make the simplest things into lovely adventures. This blog is even called "Musings of an Adventurer" because I like finding joy in the little things. I have this crazy desire to pack a suitcase, put on a lovely pair of rain boots, and just go somewhere. I love small towns and long main streets, with old, charismatic buildings on each side. Big cities are plenty adventurous, but I like little adventures better. Like days spent in bookstores and drive in movies. Adventures are always better when they are spent with people who make you laugh and who will do crazy things with you.

4. Introverted.

I have already written multiple posts about being an introvert. I like that word because it explains so many parts of who I am and who I act. I like to know what I am going to say before I actually have to say it so that I can rehearse it a little in my head before letting it out into the world. I have a limit on how much hanging out I can do before I start getting run down and tired of people. I like writing because I can say whatever I want to, revising it as many times I wish before I actually let someone read it, that way I don't often regret what I say. I am not loud, except for very occasionally with my best friends. Loud people tend to freak me out... though some of them are my good friends. I am a very outgoing introvert, though, so I do enjoy making new people and saying hi to lots of people, but I only have a few super close friends. Sometimes being an introvert causes problems, such as wanting to get a job... because that involves working with people... that's what I'm dealing with right now. Sometimes I have to face my personality, put myself out there, and do scary things. Every introvert needs to learn how to do that.

5. Passionate.

One does not simply leave high school in order to spend all day doing what they love, instead of what is expected, unless they are passionate. Because it's harder, people aren't there telling you what to do constantly. Its all about personal accountability. Its all about passion. I am passionate about writing, reading, and graphic design. Because of that I left a school that I absolutely loved and came home. For the past couple of months I have gotten to take a break from the stress of my charter school. My break involved lots of good books, lots of blog posts, and more time for drawing and gathering inspiration. Next school year I will get to take classes that make my happy, instead of the physically, mentally, and emotionally draining classes I took in the past and I watch so many people around me take, because that's the norm. Sometimes it hurts, not doing what everyone else is. My best friends love to tease me and call me a high school dropout. No matter how many times I explain that I didn't leave school because it was too hard, but rather that it wasn't enough, they just don't get it. It makes me sad sometimes, which is why I am getting it out now, through this post. But I have to stop and realize that I know I am doing exactly what I want to and should be doing. I feel so blessed to be able to live my passion. So many people never get to actually live their passion, and even less get to at my age. Find your passion, and do whatever it takes to live it. I like the quote above a lot, because designing is what I love. I am constantly designing stuff on the computer, in my head, or in my notebook, but it wasn't until I took a chance and came home that I really started designing MY LIFE.

6. Shiny.

My biggest goal in life is to be shiny. I mean so full of the light of Christ that it shines through you, onto other people, making them want to shine the same way. I see this as a very valid life goal, because shiny people attract other shiny people, meaning I would always have the right kind of friends and be attracting the right kind of guys. Always attempting to gain more light stops me from doing anything that would dim me. Shininess is visible proof that I am living the way my Heavenly Father wants me to. People notice when there is something different about others, and I hope that people can detect that difference in me. One of my favorite quotes is by Roald Dahl- “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” Lovely is possibly my favorite adjective ever (along with shiny and classy, of course) and so a quote about how little things like good thoughts can make you lovely and shiny is obviously one of my favorites.

There, now you have gotten to know me better. I must say, looking for trends in my Pinterest boards was quite enjoyable and telling. Do the same, if it suits you. I would love to hear what you come up with. My outcome was pretty different than my friend Shelby's, but both were lovely.

Music of The Day: The Weepies. Top Songs: I Was Made For Sunny Days. Not Your Year.

Happy Moment of The Day: Summer is here. I just remembered.