May 29, 2013

Mates of State and Other People

I have found something new that I am passionate about learning about-- people. I began watching this show on BYU TV called Audio-Files. Each episode is about a different band, the majority of which are indie rock bands, and that is my favorite genre. One of the bands they talked about is Mates of State, a band that consists of just a husband and wife, and the way they make and practice their music is fascinating. (wow, fascinating must be my new most frequently used adjective, besides lovely of course.) They sit across from one another, him on the drums, her on the keyboard, and they watch each other as they play. They don't watch what their hands are doing, they just watch the other person as if to make sure their other half is okay with what they are doing musically, because every song is equal parts him and equal parts her and is a perfect creation of both people combined. He always smiles at her and she always concentrates really hard on what she is doing, while concentrating all the while on him.

And Amanda Palmer. I watched a TED talk (of course) that she did, called "The art of asking". She is a punk rocker, not exactly the kind of person I ever thought I would find inspiring, but the ability she has to connect with people, so fearlessly, is amazing. She started out as a human statue, because she loved being able to look into people's eyes and thank them for their extra change, without saying anything. She had to do everything without using words, only gestures. I can handle not talking, but I think I would be too tempted to just grab a giant poster and write things down for people to read. It's easier to hide behind written words. It was a fantastic TED talk.

Yes, I enjoy learning about people.

Music of The Day: Mates of State. Top Songs: Get Better. My Only Offer. Halves and Have-Nots.