April 19, 2013

Today I Went Running

I exercised today. I don't know what came over me. Something this abnormal needs to be blogged about :)

Okay, it's not like I'm not in shape and I'm not athletic. I am. I'm just not the girl who pins tons of work out plans with the intention of actually doing them one day. I know perfectly well that I'm not going to do them whether or not I pin them, so I simply save my index finger the trouble of pushing "pin it."

And let's just get something straight-- when it's not basketball season, I don't run. Except some days I get the random urge to do just that. It's weird. Today was one of those days.

So I did Just Dance workouts for over an hour. Then I ran a mile (I know, I know, only a mile) and then I did sit ups.

And I feel pretty darn accomplished.

Wow, I think I'm getting nerdier with every passing day. :)